North Houston:   713-222-6374

110 Cypress Station Dr., Suite 225

I-45 Tidwell:   713-691-8355

5324 North Fwy, Suite. 120

North Houston:  110 Cypress Station Dr., # 225
 I-45 Tidwell :
5324 North Fwy, # 120

Post-surgical Procedures

Post-Surgical procedures

If you’ve had a recent surgery, rehabilitation therapy will help with your recovery and help you prevent a recurrence of your health issue. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all rehab.

Our treatment programs are individually tailored toward your goals, because what you need will be completely different from what someone else needs, and what exercises work for others may not be effective for you.

We’ll begin by helping you manage the post-surgical pain and learn how to move within certain constraints while your tissues heal from the surgery.

As your recovery progresses, we’ll look at what led to your surgery, how the way you move might be adding stress to your back and what you need to change in order to prevent future injury.

So if you have had surgery recently and are in need of post-surgical rehabilitation care , call us at:
(713) 691-8355 (I-45 Tidwell Location) or
(713) 222-6374 (North Houston Location)
to schedule an appointment.