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110 Cypress Station Dr., Suite 225

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5324 North Fwy, Suite. 120

North Houston:  110 Cypress Station Dr., # 225
 I-45 Tidwell :
5324 North Fwy, # 120

Metabolic Counseling

Metabolic Counseling


Our Metabolic counseling service includes looking at nutrition-related physiological imbalances through an in-depth analysis of a patient’s nutritional testing lab results.

Once imbalances are identified our nutritional advisors will create a comprehensive nutritional guide to correct these imbalances in order to realize optimal results in weight, performance or overall health.

The metabolic counseling package includes the following:

    • Comprehensive lab work ordered through Our Special Nutritional Laboratory
    • In-depth nutrition-related analysis of blood work
    • Comprehensive nutritional guide
    • Comprehensive meal plan

At ChiroMax Wellness Centers, we provide One-on-one Individualized Metabolic and Nutritional Counseling. Our patients commonly seek advice and specific guidelines about weight control, nutrition, eating disorders, nutrition therapy for special diets, and fitness.

if you need guidance and help when it comes to nutrition and need a comprehensive nutrition and metabolic counseling call us at:

(713) 691-8355 (I-45 Tidwell Location) or
(713) 222-6374 (North Houston Location)

to schedule an appointment. At ChiroMax Wellness Centers we are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy mind and body and can offer you a fresh perspective when it comes to nutrition. Most forms of insurance accepted.