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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Blame it on a sedentary lifestyle or pilling on the pounds, but it seems that people these days are suffering more from aches and pains than before. There are numerous treatment methodologies that have proved effective in pain management but there seems to be an increasing preference for physical therapy.

Physical therapy in pain management can take many forms—customized exercise regimes, manipulation of joints and bones with massages, manual therapy where the therapist uses his hands or specialized tools to stimulate the soft tissues of the body to trigger a self-healing mechanism, and application of heat and cold to reduce pain and inflammation and release pain-inhibiting endorphins in the body. Physical therapy is considered to be most effective in treating chronic pain that can be so debilitating as to prevent an individual from carrying out his day-to-day activities.

Customized physical therapy takes a two-pronged approach to pain management. Firstly, exercise, manipulation, and massages help to bring back flexibility in the joints and muscles and also reduce the stiffness, soreness, and inflammation in the region. Furthermore, exercises also help individual increases endurance and strength in their joints and muscles so that they are less prone to aches and pains. Secondly, physical therapy initiates the body into a self-healing mode wherein pain-relieving chemicals are released that then go on to work on the pain-afflicted parts of the body.

These positive effects of physical therapy cannot be emulated by other treatment methodologies like administering analgesics or an invasive surgical procedure. The latter in fact, is not even an option in case of many patients with other medical complications.

At ChiroMax Wellness Centers, we customize our physical therapy sessions to suit the needs, the body type, and recovery goals of each patient and continue it for prolonged periods to ensure optimum rehabilitation. The therapy, whatever mode of treatment it follows, is administered by licensed therapists who are well-versed in the latest research and medical practices to ensure full recovery. So if you are battling arthritis, pain in the knee, shoulder, neck and back, have sustained some form of a sport injury, or are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or herniated disc,
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